Paul at Mars Hill


I will be focussing this morning on Paul’s sermon on Mars Hill / at Athens
This message is engraved on a bronze plaque set up there in Mars Hill
without a word edited or deleted – in its entirety – in Koine Greek

But I want to say a few words on the first part of our text this morning vv 1-9
Paul arrives in Thessalonica / goes into the synagogue
and starts to reason with them from the scriptures

But as v.5 tells us / The Jews were jealous / they took some wicked men
formed a mob and set the city in an uproar

And so at night their friends sent Paul and Silas away to Berea
And they refused to be cowed by fear
they went into the Jewish synagogue and preached the Word of God
Incidentally it’s here that we find the highest commendations
given to believers / It says here in v. 11
“these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica
they received the word with all eagerness / examining
the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so” Continue reading

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1 Corinthians 15:1-26; 35-49 – Death, Be Not Proud!

Death Be not proud

Death, Be Not Proud!  –  Easter 2017 – Christ Sanctuary   
Andrew Lim  –   1 Corinthians 15:1-26; 35-49

Mark Twain was right when he said / death is the “ultimate statistics
One out of every one dies”

Death is a reality / But many people will not accept its reality

We are uncomfortable with their own impending death
David Niven who said:
“I won’t go / I’ll kick and scream and make a terrible fuss”
And Woody Allen / witty as always / “I’m not afraid to die
I just don’t want to be there when it happens”

The denial of death is a game that’s as old as the human race

Cleopatra adorned herself imagining that she was the immortal goddess
she imagined that she was the Egyptian goddess Isis in human form
she believed she was really a deity
endowed with the persona of someone who was eternal
But in the end / Cleopatra discovered that she was no different
than anyone else / She too / couldn’t escape the call of death Continue reading

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Romans 8:18-30 – Why Do Christians Suffer Serious Sickness?

Romans 8:18-30 – Why Do Christians Suffer Serious Sickness?
Andrew Lim  –  2nd October 2011

You are in a shower / and you discover this lump in your neck
– you have an instant cold sweat / fear grips you
– quite instantly / time seems to stand still
and you conjure a dozen scenario in your mind
You go for tests / and the next thing you know it
you get a call / not from the clinic receptionist
but personally from your GP himself
and he says he wants to see you immediately
but he wants to see you together with your wife
You know when you’ve been through it / that’s the drill
they always want to see your wife and you together
You may still be in a daze
but a very very long journey has just begun for you

I am talking about sickness
– not skin rash / not indigestion / not an ingrown toe-nail
I am talking about serious life-threatening sickness

I have in the last six weeks or so been thinking very much about this
As you all know this has been a very person issue with me
in the light of Gloria’s illness Continue reading

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Matthew 21:1-11 – Who Is Your King?

Who Is Your King?
Matthew 21:1-11   –   Andrew Lim  –  17 April 2011 – Palm Sunday

Today is the first day of what is traditionally called Holy Week
This is the most significant week of the year in the Christian calendar
It is the week jammed packed with significant events
in the life of our Saviour
This is the last week of Jesus’ earthly life
In five day’s time / He will be crucified

SUNDAY / He made this triumphal entry into Jerusalem
MONDAY / He cleaned out the Temple and cursed the fig tree
TUESDAY/ He gave his teaching on the Mount of Olives about end times
while the priests tried to trap Him
WEDNESDAY / THURSDAY called Maundy Thursday / He celebrated
the Passover Meal / prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane
was arrested / faced the trial and sentencing
FRIDAY / He was crucified and died
SATURDAY / Often called Holy Saturday /His body lies still in the grave
SUNDAY / He rose again from the dead Continue reading

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Saul: The Danger of Self-Deception

Saul: The Danger of Self-Deception
1 Samuel 15:10–23  –   Andrew Lim  –  10 November 2013

Saul was one of the most confusing man in Scripture
He was really two men in one

In some ways he was very big / in other ways he was very small
In some ways he was very attractive / in others ways he was repulsive
He was a giant and a dwarf / a hero and an outlaw
He was a king / and a slave / he was a prophet / and an unbeliever
He was God-anointed / he was demon-possessed

Physically / he had this very striking appearance / 1 Sam 9:2 says it simply:
Kish had a son named Saul / as handsome a young man
as could be found anywhere in Israel / a head taller than anyone else

And he has other very commendable qualities
He was be rather modest
When Samuel the godly priest told him of the honour of coming to him
he replied that he came from the least family
in the smallest of the tribes
and counted himself unworthy of such an honour / 9:21
In fact on the day of his public presentation / investiture
he hid himself among the stuff (10:22)LB

And he had compassion and mercy / He spared the lives of those
who went against him / when he could have executed them Continue reading

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Luke 16:14, 15; 19-31 – Jesus on Self-Justification


Jesus According to Luke – Part 5 – Jesus on Self-Justification
Luke 16:14, 15; 19-31    –    Andrew Lim   –   3rd February 2013

This is a very familiar story / and we all know it quite well

The danger with familiar stories / is that we run the danger of us concluding
that we’ve exhausted its meaning and we don’t need to hear it again

What I want to try to do is try to get to the heart of the story
as it is found in its context of what Jesus wants to point us to

The structure of the story is really a very simple one
It makes a radical contrast / between two different men
Rich man is living extravagantly / Poor man Lazarus is in pain
Rich man shows no mercy to poor man
Finally / in heaven there is a great reversal
the rich became poor / the poor became rich

And we’re tempted to think that that’s all to the story
The scales of justice will tip the balance in the final day Continue reading

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Luke 6:1-11 – Jesus on Sabbath Rest


Jesus According to Luke – Part 4 – Jesus on Sabbath Rest
Luke 6:1-11 
–   Andrew Lim  –   27th January 2013

Luke here records for us an incident / where Jesus and his disciples
on a Sabbath / which was supposed to be a day of rest
going through the grain-fields / and picking the heads of grain
and rubbing them in their hands and eating the kernels

And on another occasion / our Lord going into the synagogue
and there was a man there with a shrivelled right hand
and knowing what they were thinking / healed the man

And true enough some of the Pharisees confronted Him
saying / “Why are you doing what is unlawful on the Sabbath?”

What was our Lord’s reply
He basically reminded them of a time when David entered the house of God
took the consecrated bread / which was meant only for the priest
and not only ate it but gave some to his companions to eat

And Jesus is here implying that David was never condemned for that Continue reading

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